Business Domains

Delivering mobile media innovation and creating products for mobile lifestyles of the next generation

Alpine has consistently developed innovative, top-quality car audio devices for vehicle manufacturers and the consumer market around the world to fully satisfy those who are eager to customize their car interiors with the latest, high-quality components and has established its position as a global brand of high-end car audio systems. Alpine has also developed a diverse range of car AV products and navigation systems that provide exciting in-car audio/video experiences, as well as make driving more comfortable and safe.

Delivering mobile media innovation and creating products for mobile lifestyles of the next generation

Automotive Acoustic Systems Domain

With no half measures to achieve premium acoustics, Alpine is advancing to the top of Mobile Media Sound.

Alpine sound reproduces the soul that artists poured into their music. We provide exhilarating, live-performance-like premium sound systems to the global market. With high awareness and knowledge of unique acoustic characteristics of the vehicle interior, Alpine pursues the most suitable acoustic environment for each customer and vehicle.

Automotive Information and Telecommunication Systems Domain

Comfort, safety, and pleasure in the car society of tomorrow with advanced technology.

In the market environment of rapid technological innovation and diversification of end user demand, Alpine improves its automotive interior systems of visual, navigation, telecommunication and drive assist system.
As an outcome, our ITS*1 device was introduced to the national project for expanding EV and PHV*2. Pursuing "First One," that is, the first in the industry and the world, Alpine puts a lot of effort to develop advanced technologies.

*1 ITS : Intelligent Transport Systems
*2 EV / PHV : Electric Vehicle / Plug in Hybrid Vehicle


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