Framework for Environmental Activities

We promote environmental management through the united effort of all employees throughout the group with an awareness of our position as a member of global society.

Promotion of Environmental Management

Alps and the Alpine Group management is designed to address environmental issues that are viewed among the more serious management challenges. We established our Environmental Policy and Mid-term Plan based on the Alps Group Environmental Charter, and work on the provision of environmentally friendly products, performing environmentally friendly business activities, and establishing a global environmental management structure with a comprehensive approach taking by all group companies.

The Alps Group Environmental Charter

Basic Philosophy

As a member of the global community, Alps is committed to promoting sustainable development by protecting the beauty of nature and safeguarding our precious resources through the use of technologically advanced business practices and the efforts of its employees.

Action Program

Placing priority on environmental preservation, we at Alps will:

  1. Develop products in light of environmental concerns
  2. Engage in environmentally friendly production and sales
  3. Conserve our natural resources
  4. Reduce or eliminate waste
  5. Increase recycling activities

Alpine Environmental Policy

Main Policy

As a member of a global society, we will incorporate the conservation of the global environment through environmentally friendly products and business activities.

Specific Actions

  1. Environmentally friendly products
    We promote the development and integration of environmentally-friendly technologies at all stages of product life cycle to provide environmentally friendly products.
  2. Environmentally friendly business activities
    Through the promotion of energy conservation, recycling, and waste reduction, we incorporate business activities with minimal environmental impact.
  3. Environmental preservation systems and operation
    We comply with domestic and international environmental standards, customer requirements and self-implemented standards to incorporate appropriate operation and continuous improvement of environmental management systems.

Environmental Management Promotion Structure

Policies and measures relating to environmental management are determined at the Alpine Environment Conference, with representatives of business locations in Japan in attendance and the General Manager of Environmental Affairs as chairperson. Finalized policies and measures are then implemented both in Japan and overseas by the Head of Environmental Management and supervisory staff at each location. Specific issues, such as energy saving and waste reduction are addressed through separate working groups.

Organization Chart of Environmental Management and Implementation Structure (as of April 2018)

Organization Chart of Environmental Management and Implementation Structure (as of April 2018)

Environmental Audits

Major production bases of the Alps/ Alpine Groups in Japan and overseas have acquired ISO 14001 environmental management system certification. In addition, we conduct biannual internal audits for our environmental conservation activities. These internal audits enable us to check and confirm both the proper operation of our environmental management system and the state of legal compliance, which contribute to the improvement of the management system.

ISO 14001 certification status

ISO 14001 certification status

The Development of the Environmental Management System and the Establishment of GHG Targets

Alpine has environmental staff at our facilities worldwide, and we promote environmental activities globally. In particular, we are focused on fighting global warming, and as a result, we manage each facility's energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, sharing details of our activities and information with the aim of achieving our goals through increased collaboration.

Environmental Education

Alpine provides a wide range of environmental education programs to all employees, including newly recruited employees, according to career, vocational ability and certification. We also provide job-specific environmental training to employees at each plant, and increase employee awareness of energy and resource saving. Overseas production facilities implement site-specific programs to provide effective training that corresponds to local regulations and customs.

Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact


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