Corporate Governance

To ensure efficient, sound, and transparent management, Alpine works hard to strengthen our corporate governance structure

Basic Approach to Corporate Governance

Alpine manufactures on-board information systems and equipment as a member of the Alps Alpine Group led by Alpine's parent company, Alps Alpine Co., Ltd.

The Alps Alpine Group defines corporate governance as the “establishment and operation of frameworks for the realization of efficient and appropriate decision-making and execution of duties by senior management, prompt reporting of outcomes to stakeholders, and sound, efficient and transparent business administration for the purpose of heightening corporate value.” We place importance on the sustainable development of shareholders and all other stakeholders, and the maximization of their mid-to-long-term benefits; therefore, our basic approach involves the maximization of corporate value and the delivery of benefits directly or indirectly to stakeholders in a balanced way to satisfy their respective interests.

Corporate Governance Structure

We have adopted the structure of a Company with Board of Company Auditors for corporate governance pursuant to the Companies Act of Japan. Through the enhancement of auditing and supervising functions in close cooperation with accounting auditors and the Internal Audit Division, the Auditors, which is independent from the persons who execute the business, further strengthens our corporate governance structure, and improves the soundness and transparency of our corporate management.

Corporate Governance Structure (as of June 2019)

Corporate Governance Structure (as of June 2019)

Internal Control

As a member of the Alps Alpine Group, Alpine places a priority on following the founding principles of the Alps Alpine Group led by Alps Alpine Co., Ltd. We established our basic philosophy and conduct guidelines for compliance in accordance with the Alps Alpine Group management regulations, and promote compliance throughout the company and our subsidiaries. In addition, we continue developing our internal control system and structures to secure proper business management in accordance with the Companies Act and the Ordinance on Enforcement of the Companies Act, and conduct proper and effective business in all Alpine Group companies.

Board of Directors & Board of Directors Meeting

The Alpine Board of Directors, which is composed of 11 directors and 2 Auditor (1 is external auditors), discusses and makes decisions about important matters regarding the Alpine Basic Business Policy and Mid-term Business Plan, and audit and monitor the business performance. The Board of Directors makes decisions about all important matters through discussion which are held as necessary. In accordance with rules and bylaws governing the Board of the Directors, matters that require a resolution of the Board of the Directors are examined in advance for legal, accounting, tax and economic soundness to ensure compliance and rationality.


The Auditors have been exerting to make appropriate decision by objecting viewpoint which is independent from executive officers. Also outside auditor who has long experience as a certifies public accountant and internal auditor who is a full-time employee familiar with the company’s business, to perform the audit with high efficiency and also Auditors provides advice to company’s management at meeting of the Board of Directors and other important meetings in cooperation with internal audit stuff. Assistants for the Audit and Supervisory Committee shall be assigned, and their independence from the Board of Directors (excluding those who are the members of the Audit and Supervisory Committee) shall be secured.


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