Employee Growth and Development

Alpine supports employees' growth and development through various opportunities and systems.

Concept of Employee Growth

Alpine applies its employee system based on the following fundamental principles in accordance with its Corporate Philosophy and Conduct Guidelines.

Respect for Individuals

Alpine respects individuals, and aims to encourage the self-fulfillment of its employees.

Team of Professionals

Alpine creates its team of professionals by encouraging individual employees to accept higher levels of work and to upgrade their skills, which increases their independence as professionals by helping them to develop skills that can be used outside the company.


Based on the premise that self-development has its foundation in individual motivation, Alpine provides opportunities for employees to develop their work skills through self-improvement programs with the aim of effectively synchronizing the needs of the company (taking measures for discovery, cultivation, and appointment of human resources) and individual employees (improving skills and raising motivation through goal setting and skill development).

Employee Training

To enhance the skills and knowledge of our employees, Alpine offers a range of professional training programs worldwide to cultivate employees who act responsibly.
In addition to formal lecture-based training, we value opportunities to directly experience the places where products are manufactured and chances to meet with customers, so we offer practical training at our factories and practical training for in-person sales. Firsthand experience of the intensity of being where items are actually produced or sold can prove valuable in many ways in employees’ work.
We continue to work on meaningful employee training designed to provide growth for employees and company alike.

Training for Graduate Hires

Alpine continues to improve its training for graduate hires to support the start-up of their career as business persons. In fiscal year 2017, graduate hire programs included group training, technical training, production training, and marketing training, with the aims of developing competency to contribute to their workplaces as soon as possible and increasing mutual understanding. In group training, new hires gained practical knowledge in language, financial affairs, problem identification and solving, and basic concepts to ensure safety and quality*, which they can apply immediately after job assignment. In technical training, they gained the basic knowledge in technical fields that is required of Alpine employees. In production and marketing training, some programs offer experience on the frontline of production and sales to create a base to support their growth after job assignment.

*Basic concepts to ensure safety and quality: The basics for working environment that support safety and quality.

Education for newly recruited employments

Education for newly recruited employments

Overseas Training System

Alpine dispatches entry and mid-level employees to overseas subsidiaries and other organizations for a period of one year to participate in on-site training. This system was established to cultivate employees with a global perspective and the ability to take action that reflects an understanding of culture and customs, and improve language proficiency through actual work and life experience. In fiscal year 2017, we dispatched three employees to the United States. In fiscal year 2018, we plan to dispatch a total of five employees to multiple countries.

Overseas Training System

Second Quality Assurance Department
Teruhiko Suzuki

Through the Oversea Training System, I was engaged in quality management work for a year at the Thailand Plant. Because this was my first time in Thailand, and in fact my first long-term trip overseas, I was worried at first, but the company offered support to help me prepare, and I was accompanied and assisted by on-site Japanese staff in Thailand, who helped me carry out my work without any problems.
My work was not limited to the plant — I visited local suppliers and had other valuable experiences that broadened my horizons when it came to quality. Even after returning to Japan, I have visited Thailand for travel, and have continued to study the Thai language. My training overseas was a great opportunity to change my ways of thinking and acting.

Acoustic Training

With the aim of cultivating employees' ability to explain the physical properties of each sound, Alpine has held periodical acoustic training since 1995 for a total of 790 participants.
This training consists of primary, intermediate, and advanced levels that increase employee knowledge of acoustics as they develop a sense of sound quality. Training focuses not only on the abstract and sensuous qualities that determine what listeners judge as good and bad, or what they like or dislike, but also on the quantification of perceived sound. Our unique programs increase participants’ knowledge and sense of sound quality, and improve communication capability.
We certify those who excel in the programs as Sound Master Candidates, thus striving to develop individuals who understand and pass down Alpine sound technology to the next generation. In fiscal year 2017, we had primary (total of 12 times) and intermediate (total of 15 times) level training, and nine primary and eight intermediate level participants were newly certified. The total number of certifications is now 548 at the primary level and 113 at the intermediate level.

Acoustic Training Room

Acoustic Training Room


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