Medium-Term CSR Plan

Alpine promotes CSR activities utilizing the PDCA cycle based on our medium-term plan.

CSR Action Policies for fiscal year 2018

The Alps and Alpine Groups have formulated our action policies as given below, by taking into consideration, analyzing, and summarizing the degree of importance for the groups, changes in external environments, and other factors. In addition to the overall policy, we have established separate policies for the environment, social, and governance (ESG) categories.

Action Policy
We shall perceive changes in external environments and expectations from stakeholders in responsible ways, and build a foundation for sustainable growth.
Policies by Category
Environment Promotion of activities to conserve the global environment
Social Strengthening of management in view of external standards and external environments (Human rights, labor safety, procurement)
Governance Strengthening of corporate risk countermeasures and business foundations

2017 Summary

Category Main Activities
General Materiality Revisions Based on external requirement analysis and discussions by the CSR committee, we revised our materiality.
Global CSR Structure We stationed personnel in charge of CSR at each of our affiliate bases, and we worked to grasp global external requirements and legal requirements, and to address them.
CSR Committee The promotion structure was changed from eight subcommittees to fourteen divisions, in order to work on CSR activities from more project-based viewpoints.
Environment Greenhouse Gas Reduction Target: 1% reduction compared to the previous year in terms of emissions intensity
Result: 6.5% reduction (target achieved)
Introduction of standardized tools allowed us to grasp our global greenhouse gas emissions amount.
Biological Diversity We conducted biological diversity surveys near our headquarters, and confirmed the wild growth of a rare indigenous species, the dogtooth violet.
Energy Conservation Activities We conducted lower luminance lighting campaigns and converted lighting to LEDs.
We also implemented periodic energy conservation patrols.
Social Labor Safety Three production bases acquired OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certification.
We began studies for acquiring certification at our headquarters and our domestic production bases (certification acquisition planned for fiscal year 2018).
Quality & Product Safety We worked to address the change of standard to IATF16969.
Supplier Survey We distributed CSR guidebooks for suppliers, and implemented self-reported surveys based on these.
Social Contributions We accepted interns for the Fukushima Prefecture Hamadori “Glocal” Human Resource Development Project.
Work-Life Balance Committee We launched an internal project, and started investigating concrete measures, based on keywords like “flexible,” “reliable,” and “challenge.”
Governance Effectiveness of the Board of Directors We implemented solutions to issues, based on the evaluation of the effectiveness of the Board of Directors
Information Security Compliance with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

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