CSR Promotion Structure/Materiality

Alpine evaluates CSR materiality, reflects issues that have been identified to our medium-term CSR plan and applies the PDCA cycle.

CSR Committee

Alpine reorganized its CSR Committee in 2017 to a promotion structure that allows us to address CSR issues from more project-based viewpoints. The committee is composed of 14 divisions for different subjects, which promote their individual activities, placing importance on the provision of value to society, and sustainable company growth. The CSR Committee performs quarterly checks on the progress of the subjects, and reports the results at the Board of Directors meetings.

Materiality issues

Alpine has identified CSR materiality from fiscal year 2015 to be reflected in our CSR activities. For the specification of material issues, we performed evaluations from the perspectives of both stakeholder interest and priority for Alpine. In addition to reflecting our internal CSR Committee's opinions, we also received opinions from external experts.
Since the original definition in fiscal year 2015, stakeholders’ expectations have constantly changed, and sustainability-related efforts, such as the UN’s SDGs (sustainable development goals), have become more active worldwide. Amidst this, we revised our materiality in fiscal year 2017, and likewise furthered considerations regarding clarifications of both concrete efforts to be made and goals.

Materiality matrix

Materiality matrix


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