Achievement of Customer Satisfaction

More than ninety million vehicles are produced annually. Meanwhile, each and every car is something unique and special to its owner. Alpine considers the customer perspective as the highest of priorities. Planning, design, and manufacturing are practiced in sync with a strong sense of responsibility and anticipation that our products will be treasured by all of our customers.

The Five Stripes of Excellence

The five stripes in the Alpine corporate logo represent the business policies we established to achieve customer satisfaction. All Alpine employees place a priority on following these five policies.

Design & Production with user perspective

Ultimately, customers determine the success of our products. It is important to design and produce starting from customers' perspectives to ensure their satisfaction. We learn a lot from customer feedback. Our actions, activities, and way of thinking always begin with our customers. We can learn a great deal through knowing our customers and listening to them, and by connecting this with planning and development, we have been able to develop model-specific car navigation systems, which have received high praise from the market, and other products. We will continue to challenge the status quo and offer comfortable automotive experiences with every customer in mind.

Customer Support Services

The customer support center is our most direct connection to our customers. We are committed to improving the quality of our customer support services, including implementation of operator education.

The valuable feedback we receive is compiled into a privacy-secured database and shared among all divisions of the company. This feedback serves to ensure that product development and quality improvement satisfy customer requirements, and assists in making management decisions that will benefit our customers.

Customer support center

Customer support center

Mutual Communication with Our Customers

Alpine is keen on extending our connection with and learning from our customers. We employ Internet communication services in order to do so.
To enhance the comfort and enjoyment of the driving experience, we have introduced a User’s Room page on the Alpine website to offer information and services tailored to individual customers. Meanwhile, we seek active and frank communication with our customers through social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook.

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“User's Room” on our Web site

“User's Room” on our Web site

Efforts to Incorporate Customer Feedback
in Our Products

Innovation promotion Dept.

Kenichi Mantoku

At our Information Center (customer support desk), we directly share customer feedback with our Product Planning and Design Divisions, with the goal of creating products that incorporate customer feedback.
Each day, the Information Center receives 250–300 calls; in addition to questions, we also receive many requests from customers regarding our products.
This customer feedback is incredibly diverse: “Would it be possible to update the navigation system I’m currently using, to give it the same types of features as a new navigation system?” “If you attached the wiring a certain way, it would really help during installation — would that be possible?” “There’s a part of your website that’s hard to read. Could you change it to make it easier to read?”
At the Information Center, based on this customer feedback, the staff members who talk directly with customers hold periodic meetings with members of related divisions, in order to work as one unified team to create new products, features, and designs, and to improve our website.
These efforts still have far to go. To this end, though, the Information Center continues to strive toward our customers’ feedback being taken into consideration in the products and services we offer, each and every day.

Extensive After-sales Service

At Alpine, we offer extensive after-sales service to ensure customer satisfaction both before and after purchase. At Alpine Marketing, we make information on vehicles that our products are designed for, system connection information, usage instructions, frequently asked questions, and more available through our web site, in order to respond to customers' concerns. Additionally, customers can register for our service and receive navigation map data updates, the latest highway information, and other useful information. In the rare event that a customer experiences trouble with one of our products after purchase, Alpine Customer Service takes care of the inconvenienced customer, offering repair services in as little as three days (including two days for round-trip shipping); and for customers who visit our service centers in person, we offer One-Stop Service by appointment, providing repair services then and there. Finally, in response to customer requests, we offer a Link Exchange Service for certain items, where customers can receive a replacement in exchange for the defective one. We will continue to work to provide further services to meet customers’ needs in the future.


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