Items published on this site as IR information are intended to provide financial information or business information etc. of Alpine Electronics Inc.
Items on this website including current business prospects, plans, strategies, greetings, questions and answers, etc. concerning Alpine, as well as documents issued by Alpine and other contents which are not historical facts, are prospects concerning future business performance, and these, being judgments by managers of Alpine based on information which obtainable at the time, include a certain amount of risk and uncertainty. Consequently, we ask that you be cautious about making investment judgments based solely on these business performance prospects.
This website is not intended to attract investment. We request that investment related decisions be done based on the personal judgments of users. Also, please understand that actual business performance may show results which differ greatly from these prospects because of a variety of important factors. The important factors which impact actual business performance include economic conditions or market trends surrounding the business field of this company, the exchange rate of the yen against the dollar or Euro, and other factors.
Keep in mind that there are cases where not all the information disclosed by the company to the share exchange is published on this website, as well as cases where the representation method differs.
Please understand that the contents may be revised or removed without warning.
We have paid due attention to the contents published on the site, but we bear absolutely no responsibility for cases where the information published contains errors, cases where it includes data falsified by a third party, or problems occurring when the data is downloaded.


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