Toward Stable Growth

Service & Business Expansion towards 2020

As we move toward 2020, Alpine has expanded its business domain from the existing AVNCD (entertainment domain centered around audio and visual, and telematics and drive-assist domains centered around navigation and communication) to include a comprehensive cockpit display, including cooperation with the Alps Alpine Group.

Furthermore, we have expanded our business domains from the inside of a car to the outside through the cloud business domain, which provides attractive contents and services. The community domain also utilizes Big Data to analyze consumer and customer needs and patterns. Alpine aims to continue providing optimal information and services in these areas in an efficient manner.

To that end, we have developed the necessary development systems and facilities, and will further expand our business domains going forward in order to achieve greater advancements in providing rich automotive lives to our customers.

Alpine's Business Domains

Core Business Model

By generating a synergistic effect through commercial products used by customers among the general public and OEM products, we aim to achieve stable growth.

Alpine's business model comprises two areas - commercial products for personal users, and OEM products. Through these two areas, we pay attention to the views of personal consumers and manufacturers. Furthermore, by harnessing both areas to generate a synergistic effect, it seeks to create a business foundation that can remain strong against changes in the market environment and evolution in technology.

Toward Stable Growth

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