Acoustic testing conducted through the recreation of in-vehicle environments

Alpine pays attention to detail in product development, such as how to create car acoustics that resemble a concert hall, and how to deliver accurate sounds that are necessary to a driver

Acoustic testing conducted through the recreation of in-vehicle environments

We repeatedly perform simulations on a computer at the design stage and verify the appropriate layout of the parts, in order to recreate comfortable and assuring sounds amidst poor driving conditions such as vibrations from the car, road noises, and engine noises.

Moreover, at the Evaluation Center, we perform various acoustic tests based on driving conditions using a car equipped with products in an acoustic chamber large enough to accommodate an actual vehicle.

The walls have the same sound absorbing structure as an anechoic chamber. The floors are equipped with all-wheel drive chassis dynamos that are capable of simulating various road surface conditions and driving speeds of up to 200 km/h. From driving vibrations to road noises and engine noises, we conduct accurate testing on the impact of these conditions on equipment acoustics under a variety of driving speeds in different vehicle models. Vehicles are controlled from computers in a separate control room. It is also possible to make engines operate autonomously and rotate tires using electric motors on the dynamo side. Rollers are interchangeable to enable tests on rough road conditions can easily be conducted. In addition, it is also possible to conduct tests under conditions that cannot be replicated in public road tests.

The highly reliable data gleaned from these tests are fed back to product development and are directly reflected in product improvements.


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