Testing on resistance to temperature and humidity changes

To ensure that Alpine products function in areas of extreme cold to regions of scorching heat

Testing on resistance to temperature and humidity changes

We are committed to ensuring the reliability of our products and their ability to maintain their exceptional quality even under harsh temperature conditions—from environments of extreme cold where your breath freezes, to areas with scorching heat where there is no shade.

Alpine puts in place assumptions for harsh conditions beginning in the product development stage. We have facilities to perform rigorous temperature characteristics tests on every individual part and all sections of a circuit. Take for example our constant thermal/humidity chambers, which are able to conduct tests on product performance under constant temperature and humidity. We have also built a cutting-edge chamber that has a glass window that allows us to check the condition of the display, and which is capable of conducting thermal and vibration tests simultaneously.

We also have a themal shock chamber that can make it possible to reproduce conditions ranging from -80℃ to +220℃. A special aging chamber is used to test for thermal durability to ensure that the product still functions perfectly even when constantly exposed to high temperatures for 365 days. Our systems are tested under temperature conditions ranging from +20℃ to +80℃-exceeding real-world conditions so that our high-quality components perform reliably regardless of the environment.


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