Nondestructive testing to detect defects that are invisible to the eye

Increasing product reliability through evaluating potential defects invisible to the naked eye

Nondestructive testing to detect defects that are invisible to the eye

In order to respond to the ever increasingly strict quality standards and expectations of our customers, Alpine conducts not just a standard quality assurance checking process but has also developed an in-house nondestructive testing environment. Nondestructive testing uses a variety of techniques to check each product and its internal structure / parts for any potential defects (size, shape, position etc) without the need to touch the product and therefore cause any damage to the product, enabling a detailed evaluation of the design and manufacturing of the product itself.

In order to improve the reliability of the product, this process can be carried out not just on the final product but also during the design prototype stage.
The nondestructive testing therefore makes it possible to have an early and quick, yet advanced analysis of the product through its development cycle.

Through inspections carried out by X-Ray CT scans, a high precision cross-sectional analysis of the product and its internal structure is possible, checking both structural and welding states as well as the detailed integrated circuit packaging dimensions, measured down to several micrometers. Through connecting a number of CT images, this process also enables the creation of 3D images for further analysis.

In recent years and with the continuing size reduction of products and their working parts, the process to identify problems and internal defects within products has become both difficult and time consuming. In 2013 and with the inclusion of a heat analyzer technique, detecting heat generated through a potential defect, it has now become easier and quicker to pinpoint specific problems.
Combining this technique along with the X-Ray CT scans provides a far more detailed cross sectional analysis of the product.

Alpine also uses X-Ray fluorescence and infrared test equipment to evaluate and analyze the molecular structure and material properties from multiple product angles.


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