HEADS - Alpine's Core Technology

HEADS - Alpine's Core Technology

From the visible to the invisible. HEADS Technology supports and continues to drive the evolution of rich car life.
We’ve refined technologies inherited from the past to tackle and create new technologies.
Naturally, we do this all to enhance and enrich the in-car experience for our customers. This commitment is even conveyed through the acronym HEADS: we’ve integrated the intelligence and brain power of all our employees.

H Human Machine Interface

This includes the integrated cockpit that allows you to intuitively use the on-board instruments with ease, the data cloud that lets you access necessary information when you need it, and other features, which create new relationships between people and cars.

Human Machine Interface

E Evaluation

Using computer-based simulation, on-the-spot inspections matched to various road conditions worldwide, we combine the results to provide customers with the best possible products.


A Acoustic

Considering the in-car environment, we strive for accurate, perfectly balanced music and other sounds creating pleasant space, navigation needed for driving, and other voice messages, warnings, and so on.


D Digital Media & Mechatronics

We respond to the evolving demands of digital media including new media, data cloud etc., and pursue precise movable mechanisms for high-quality operation and operation sounds.

Digital Media & Mechatronics

S System Integration

This ensures the safe and comfortable control over automobiles, which increasingly include even more devices and advancing digitalization—keeping them all linked and integrated so that anyone can easily use them.

System Integration

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